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Building low-cost clinical tools.

Experience the Next Phase of Connected Technology

TREP LABS is a healthcare startup that builds low-cost, simple to use and easily accessible Medical Devices and Software as Medical Device (SaMD) Applications.

The lab believes that connectivity will shift health care from curing sickness to enabling wellness.

RealDrip Platform

Simpler and Safer infusion treatment

The RealDrip platform helps clinicians monitor and regulate the flow rate during gravity infusion, track dosage administration, and process automation through an alarm, SMS, and automated calls.

Realdrip platform
Realdrip device

RealDrip Device

The device makes blood transfusion and drip treatment simpler, safer, and more data-driven at the point of care.

This revolution leverages the internet of things and machine learning to monitor dosages, flow rates, and track time indicated on the treatment plan.

RealDrip Dashboard

An actionable embedded screen displays aggregated infusion data from the RealDrip device.

Infusion data connected to dashboards and alerts powered by simple web services keep health professionals informed about each patient’s specific medical situation in real-time.

Realdrip dashboard
Realdrip mobile app

RealDrip Mobile App

The RealDrip mobile app provides mobile visualizations and controls to track the treatment process.

Data analysis and machine learning to help improve the clinical process.

Documentation on infusion treatment and improves clinicians' productivity.


Measure infusion flow rate with ease.

A standalone mobile application to calculate, measure, and track infusion flow rate. Alarm functionalities keep clinicians informed about each treatment process.

We believe nobody deserves to die from preventable death, so we made DripX completely free!!!


Using Connectivity and Physical Internet to Drive a new Era In Physical Health and Wellness

We are on a mission to save lives by empowering today's medical team with affordable medical devices and services to improve their planning, process and producitivity.

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