realdrip device

Simpler and Safer
Intravenous Therapy

RealDrip is a combination of hardware and software leveraging the internet of things and artificial intelligence to simplify intravenous therapy

What is the
Realdrip device?

RealDrip Device is a clinical tool that makes blood transfusion and drip treatment simpler, safer, and more data-driven. This tool helps clinicians monitor the flow rate during gravity infusion, track dosage administration, and process automation through an alarm, SMS, and automated calls.

The device incorporates edge computing to deploy automated reasoning algorithms for self-balancing and self-calibration. The RealDrip mobile app and web dashboard provide visualizations to track the treatment process and provide alerts powered by simple web services to keep health professionals informed about each patient’s specific medical situation.

The RealDrip device helps clinicians monitor and regulate patients on infusion treatment to reduce clinical errors. The product directly improves the planning, process, and productivity of medical personnel, the important effect is keeping patients safe since approximately 80% of all patients on admission in the hospital will receive intravenous therapy.

Use Cases

Maternal Care - Delivery of magnesium sulfate and oxytocin.

Neonatal, Pediatric, and Elderly Care - for fluid management.

Disease Management - Delivery of quinine and fluid management for cholera.

Pre-Hospital Medication Administration - Delivery of vasopressors - epinephrine and dopamine.

Outpatient and Ambulatory Infusion - Delivery of chemotherapy, antibiotics, IVIG, and chronic inflammatory disease.

realdrip notification

Realtime Notification

REALDRIP onboard visual display, mobile and web dashboard allows it show the flow rate in real time to the users, reducing the time taken to track drip treatment.

realdrip documentation

Excellent Documentation

Monitoring IV fluids and getting a documentable measurement is a time-consuming and difficult task. This problem is now easily remedied with the acquisition of REALDRIP.

realdrip integration

Simple Integration

Anybody from individuals to clinics can use REALDRIP to administer infusion therapy quickly with little or no technical know-how.

realdrip dashboard