We're connecting
Medical Things to the Internet

Who are We?

TREPLABS is a healthcare startup that builds low-cost, highly efficient, simple to use and easily accessible Medical Devices and Software as Medical Device (SaMD) Applications.

These clinical tools are either hardware, software, and a combination of both to help medical professionals deliver better care to their patients.

For each of our devices, we connect it to the internet through a hardware module for further analysis. This analysis is done through machine learning algorithms that makes it smarter and provides more value to the stakeholders using our tools.

Our Story

To manage and contain disease outbreaks, discover new drugs, and cure every other medical condition either by clinicians or scientists, it requires the use of clinical tools.

Today most of these tools are complicated, expensive, bulky, and traditional. Clinical tools must be more straightforward, low-cost, mobile, interoperable, and more data-driven in order to ensure speedy disease outbreak management, faster drug discovery, and quick interventions in health management in both developed and developing countries. Our goal is to accelerate this process!

The TREP Approach


We facilitate a holistic approach for problem-solution development by handholding research driven processes throughout the complete development lifecycle.


We build and integrate apps and analytics through Artificial Intelligence to evaluate the data to capture medical innovation, business insight and refine assets.


We collaborate to understand and evaluate the problem/pain points and its impact on people, technology and business. Base on problem definition, various researches and associated technical solution map is devised.


Our team works closely together to design the product (Both hardware & software) that is completely customized for users comfort.

We are on a quest to make healthcare radically more lean, efficient, and interoperable. We are using the physical internet to shift healthcare from curing the sickness to enabling wellness because nobody deserves to die from preventable clinical and surgical errors.